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I picked up this cool special effect makeup book and thought I should scanned some of the cool stuff in it. Sorry if you can’t read the text. just let me know and I can just type out what it say.

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I’ve been asked a lot about how I draw hoods, mostly Talon’s hood, so I hope this helps a little? Just a pretty basic thing but hey there ya go

Hoods are pretty cool, they usually have a lot of variety in how they can look (and sometimes people even wear two hoods at once) so just get creative with it and have fun


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"Scene of Seoul"

Photographer : Ogh Sang Su

Models : Stefani Lee & Lee Seung Mi

Vogue Korea August 2013

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A mouth-watering fuck-ton of hand references.

[From various sources]

Gad, one day I need to go through Tumblr and just print off all of these types of references!!

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A guide for how I tend to do my horsecocks! I mean, they still vary from picture to picture and style to style, but hopefully this helps people understand how I think about them. 

Also I made this without really looking at any anatomical reference whatsoever so IT’S JUST HOW I DO ‘EM

Hopefully i can make one in the future for like, taints/balls/buttholes/cum/etc. Maybe that’d be a good thing for a patreon! Anyway here enjoy this page full of horsedicks

Horse cock “tips” hehehe….

Saved for future reference!

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